Job Title: Freelance Program Manager / Support

Job summary:

HandsOn Hong Kong (HOHK) seeks Program Freelancers to help manage and support our volunteer programs for groups. Our program team plans and organizes service activities that support the local community. Programs range from up-cycling workshops to rescue items from landfills to education programs for students with special needs to food preparation at community kitchens to beach and trail clean-ups and more. Through these service programs, we empower people in Hong Kong to volunteer.

For more experienced program managers, responsibilities will include managing a smaller-scale program or a portion of a larger program, providing on-site briefings and debriefings to volunteers and ensuring the service activity runs smoothly. We also have program support roles available for those with less experience or comfort leading or managing on their own.

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • Attend pre-program meetings (phone or in-person) organized by HOHK
  • Prepare contents and materials for volunteer programs as instructed
  • Provide support to volunteer programs on the day (arranging coaches, leading volunteers to the venue, liaising with NGO persons-in-charge, setting up programs, recording attendance and impact, taking photos)
  • Conduct on-site briefings and debriefings for volunteers before and after the programs
  • Collect feedback from participants about the programs and share with HOHK for testimonial and continuous improvements

Job requirements:

All Program Freelancers need to be passionate about community involvement and fully committed to HOHK’s mission of 'empowering everyone in Hong Kong to volunteer. You must be organized, dependable and able to manage and prioritize a variety of tasks with minimal supervision. Enthusiasm and a “can-do spirit” are essential.

Specific skills required include:

- Be able to work independently;

- Be confident to interact with people and lead programs;

- Have a good command of written and spoken English and Cantonese.


How to apply:

If you have an interest in working with us, please submit your cover letter and CV to