Mr. Kwok Hing Kwan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre

IRD file Number  

Volunteer role

English Teacher, Photoshop and video editing teacher

Skill(s) required

English and Cantonese for English Teacher; Cantonese, Photoshop and video editing skills for the second role.

Description of work

English teacher will conduct ten sessions (one hour)  to the elderly regarding daily conversation over the course of 3 months.

Photoshop and video editing teacher will conduct ten sessions (one hour) to the elderly over the course of 3 months. 

A number of 10 students age from 60 to 70 years old will be joining the program. 

Length of service / commitment required

3 months (The first month will be the trial) 

Amount of time required per month

3.5 hours per month

Location of volunteer work

Must work in office / on location

NGO office location


NGO mission and description of organization’s work


– 長者教育及發展
– 義工發展及培訓
– 健康教育及推廣
– 外展及網絡服務
– 轉介及諮詢
– 輔導服務
– 護老者支援服務
– 偶到服務
– 湯水服務

Impact of skills-based volunteer support on NGO and mission A number of 10 elderly will participate and benefit from the learning sessions. 
Language requirement Able to communicate in English and Cantonese
Key contact person for service




Office Number:

3612 95162481 8092

Start date for position Anytime
End date for position 3 months
Remarks or special requirements N/A

Possibility for future paid position:

Yes (subsidy provides, around HKD 100 per session)


Interested candidates will be invited to submit their CV directly to your organization—to the key contact named above. Please note that any candidate screening, interview and selection process will be conducted by your organization only. HandsOn Hong Kong provides the platform to NGO partners free of charge and takes no responsibility for the quality of the candidates or their work.