Plastic Free Seas

IRD file Number 91/12587

Volunteer role

Translator – English to Cantonese

Skill(s) required


Description of work

Translate a 3,000-word document

Length of service/commitment required

1 month or less

Amount of time required per month

10-15 hours, depending on familiarity with the subject

Location of volunteer work

May work remotely / from home

NGO office location

21/F Chun Wo Commercial Bldg

23-29 Wing Wo Street

Central, Hong Kong

NGO mission and description of the organization's work

Plastic Free Seas is a Hong Kong-based environmental charity focused on changing the way we all view and use plastics in society today, through education and action campaigns.

Impact of skills-based volunteer support on NGO and mission

The document is a page of our website. We have recently launched a new website and our goal is for it to be bilingual.

Language requirement

Cantonese and English 

Key contact person for service

Manager - Education


Start date for position As soon as possible
End date for position Flexible
Remarks or special requirements

Looking for an experienced translator. No prior content knowledge required. Human translation, no google translation please.

Possibility for the future paid position:



Interested candidates please submit your CV directly to the key contact named above. Any candidate screening, interview and selection process will be conducted by the NGO.