HandsOn Hong Kong provides our under-served nonprofit partners with capacity-building support through volunteer services. We help to develop programs, promote activities, recruit and manage volunteers and guide our partners to ensure each program meets their needs the needs of those they serve. We do all of this at no cost to the nonprofits we assist.

Our team currently serves more than 100 NGOs in Hong Kong—we regularly review and accept new partners, based on capacity. We maintain the following criteria for all NGOs we work with:

  • Must be registered as charitable institution under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance or be government recognized

  • Primary focus of work is serving local needs in Hong Kong 

  • Activities for volunteers need to be service focused (not money collection)

  • Commit to report on impact of of volunteer programs, including number of beneficiaries and volunteers

  • Provide event photos for record and external communication

  • Participate in annual evaluation survey 

  • Maintain open communication with HandsOn staff

We invite new non-profits to register their interest to work with us in developing and managing their volunteer-based programs, by completing one of these forms:

After completing your form please submit it by email to our Program Manager, Bia Lin: