HandsOn Hong Kong partners with various types of companies to collectively serve the community. Over the years, we are proud to have partnered with more than 200 companies and their passionate volunteers. Together we have built a range of meaningful service programs for their employees and clients. Here is a sampling of recent corporate programs.


Alvarez & Marsal Cooking Workshop

Dedicated volunteers from Alvarez & Marsal spent a fun morning cooking with 39 students with intellectual disabilities. Volunteers assisted students in the making of delicious steamed cakes and both groups were able to spend time getting to know each other over the workshop and lunch. Once ready, students tasted their cakes and were excited to take their final products home to share with their families. This program was a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their interest in cooking and strengthen their self care and interpersonal skills. BIG thanks to all the volunteers – what a wonderful way to give back!


The American Club - Arts and Crafts Upcycling Program

Families from The American Club Hong Kong hosted local residents from the Ho Kwok Pui Chun Social Centre for the Elderly for a morning of up-cycling arts and crafts. Recycled glass and plastic bottles were turned into jellyfish and mosaic lamps for both the elderly and children to take home - just in time for a lantern festival! Big thanks to The American Club for their commitment to sustainability and educating young members!


Trinseo - Eco-friendly Workshop

Volunteers from Trinseo participated in an eco-friendly workshop where they made mosquito balm and aroma sachets using dry herbs and other natural materials. They worked together to make over 200 packets of balm to be donated to an elderly center in our community. As part of the experience, everyone learned about the benefits of natural ingredients and gained a better understanding of responsible consumption. Some individuals even wrote cheques for the centre to help improve services for the elderly. A BIG thank you to all the volunteers for their contribution! 


BlackRock - Textile Upcycling Program

BlackRock volunteers spent a productive day upcycling unwanted t-shirts into beautiful potholders. Volunteers were surprised at how quickly they were able to learn how to transform fabrics - that would have otherwise ended up in landfills - into quality products for daily use. Their wonderful creations using an array of colours, patterns and shapes were then given as gifts to elderly citizens in our community. Thank you to all the volunteers for their contribution. What a fantastic way to help our environment and show care to those in need!


PVH - Plastic Upcycling Workshop

Enthusiastic volunteers from PVH spent a fun-filled afternoon working on a creative upcycling activity with children from low income families. Together the volunteers and their young buddies transformed plastic bottles, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills, into beautifully decorated potted plants. Everyone learned about the importance of protecting our precious planet and PVH volunteers were able to get to know the children and gain insight into some of the challenges they face. Thank you to all the volunteers for their support!


Telstra STEM Tech Fun Day

Telstra Hong Kong recently held a STEM Tech Fun Day in their office for students from the Sam Shui Native Association Huen King Wing School. Primary school students attended the Tech Fun Day and had the opportunity to experience how engineering, coding and computing can be learnt as a modern language. All the STEM tools that were used on the day, including 65 Chromebooks purchased by Telstra, were donated to the school to support the development of their STEM Curriculum. Thank you to Telstra for their incredible generosity and to all the volunteers for sharing their expertise to encourage a brighter future for children in our community. 


L’Oréal Citizen Day 2019

Volunteers from L’Oréal engaged in a total of 13 activities as part of their 2019 L’Oréal Citizen Day. The programs involved preparing care packs and conducting home visits for elderly citizens, sorting donated books, appliances and clothing for redistribution to the underprivileged through the Crossroads Foundation, rolling up their sleeves for a clean up at Shek O Beach and joining community kitchens to pack meal boxes and serve food to the needy with Food Angel. A fantastic way to give back to the community!


Aon - 2019 Annual Party Community Day

Aon Hong Kong once again partnered with HandsOn to host an annual party featuring a company-wide volunteer event. 377 Aon volunteers put their heart and soul into working with students across 15 different activities including, collaborative games, educational eco-friendly workshops and arts & crafts. This allowed 415 underprivileged students to enjoy a very special afternoon of hands on English learning through a series of enriching activities. Thank you to all the volunteers for their enthusiasm in giving back to the community!


Pernod Ricard - Upcycling Program

Volunteers from Pernod Ricard rolled up their sleeves to give Hong Kong’s discarded textiles and glassware a second life. 180 enthusiastic volunteers spent a total of 360 service hours producing 5 kindness mats, 50 potholders, 12 bath mats and 27 glass lamps to be donated to the homeless, elderly and underprivileged individuals in Hong Kong. This experience highlighted the seriousness of Hong Kong’s household and commercial waste problem and inspired volunteers to think of innovative ways to conserve resources in their daily lives.



Serve-a-thon 2019

Hong Kong's business community recently came together in support of the local community when 29 corporate teams headed out to serve during Serve-a-thon. Program highlights included volunteers from Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies supporting children from families undergoing psychiatric rehabilitation and guiding low-income individuals during eye examinations; while volunteers from Marriott Bonvoy collected, assembled and delivered necessity items for isolated elderly and students with disabilities; and team Prudential accompanied a group of elderly to visit the Xiqu Centre, spending quality time together during a guided tour. Thank you to all the teams that gave their time during our community service week!


L’Oréal Citizen Day 2018

On September 27th the HandsOn team kicked off the first of 18 service programs in celebration of L’Oréal Citizen Day! A volunteer team of 56 L’Oréal office and frontline staff dedicated their afternoon to clearing a massive 325.95kg of trash and debris from Po Toi Island—a considerable effort after the devastation left by Typhoon Mangkhut. By the end of October close to 500 L’Oréal volunteers had served at activities across the city. Programs ranged from supporting students with disabilities on outings and recycling soap for disadvantaged communities, to serving food in community kitchens—and everything in-between!



Bloomberg – Making Eco Gifts for Elderly

68 volunteers from Bloomberg spent a lovely evening helping make eco incense as gifts to elderly living in Kwu Tung, Sheung Shui, where most elderly live alone. These handmade incense are made with all natural ingredients that are safe to use in family homes, and aren't toxic like normal mosquito incense made with more harmful substances. Thank you to the dedicated volunteers!



AbbVie – Dragon Boat Festival and Birthday Party with Elderly

Holidays can be a lonely time for the isolated elderly. In June, 17 dedicated volunteers from Abbvie visited an elderly center in Sheung Shui to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival and their birthdays with them as part of their Week of Possibilities campaign. They enjoyed a happy afternoon with lunch and games with the elderly, and brought bright smiles to all of their faces. Thank you for giving back to the community!



China Everbright – Mural Painting with Students from an Under-resourced School

Cross-boundary students living in Mainland China often have less exposure to the different life and career paths in Hong Kong. Volunteers from China Everbright shared a wonderful afternoon with students at an under-resourced school in May, and painted bright and colorful murals with the students. This not only helped brighten the outlook of the school, but also allowed the students to learn more about Hong Kong!



Aon – Annual Party Community Day

This May, Aon Hong Kong decided to host an Annual Party with a difference for their staff—they teamed up with HandsOn and used the opportunity to get most of the office out serving the community! Over 400 staff spread across HK to join 12 different activities in support of local NGOs—they visited our city’s isolated elderly, took children with disabilities on a special outing, recycled soap for disaster-struck communities, cleaned debris off an unmaintained beach and more. Through the different projects, they helped over 240 beneficiaries and contributed to environmental conservation as well!



American Express – Tree Care Program

48 AMEX volunteers celebrated Earth Day together through an ecological restoration program, working on tree maintenance on Lantau Island. The volunteers completed different tasks, including fertilising, mulching and watering trees, and collecting data to monitor the trees’ progress and impact along two slopes. This meaningful event helped the volunteers gain an understanding of reforestation in Hong Kong and a greater awareness of our natural environment, with an emphasis on the importance of wildlife protection.



MetLife – Computer Science Unplugged for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

STEM Education is a specified curriculum for students to learn four major disciplines - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 15 dedvoted MetLife volunteers visited Saviour Lutheran School and joined a class of students with mild intellectual disabilities to enjoy a tech fun afternoon that introduced them to STEM concepts. The experienced STEM education facilitators guided students to learn basic programming concepts such as loops, conditionals, variables or functions with command tiles through a game called Scottie Go. Although some students experienced some challenges and frustration as they played, the MetLife volunteers showed great kindness by patiently guiding the students to set goals and write commands in order to set Scottie in motion.



AIA – Art Workshop for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

The leaders of tomorrow have to be more than just capable – they also have to be socially responsible and strive to bring positive energy into their communities. AIA Foundation Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP) aims to empower and equip our young future leaders. Just recently, local university students involved in the program took part in a tie-dye workshop facilitating children with intellectual disabilities to create colour-patterned tie-dye fabric using environmentally-friendly materials. Students showed incredible kindness and patience in the process of helping children with their craft-making. The children were also extremely excited about their final work of art and greatly appreciated the support of their student mentors.



Bloomberg – Making Gifts for Elderly to Celebrate Chinese New Year

81 devoted volunteers from Bloomberg helped to make charms and pack gift bags for 100 elderly citizens who live in an under-resourced district of Hong Kong. Fish charms symbolise abundance, luck and good fortune in Chinese culture, which make it a perfect Chinese New Year gift. The volunteers showed compassion and warmth for the elderly recipients by giving their time and dedication to prepare individual gift packs, each one including a hot water bottle, noodles, rice, cooking oil along with sweet lavender scented fish charm. This meaningful event helped to remind the elderly – many of whom live alone and without family around to celebrate with – that they are remembered and supported at this special time of year.



AIA – Celebrating the Lunar New Year with Hong Kong's elderly citizens

14 exceptional university students have been out serving the community recently as part of the AIA Foundation Young Leaders Development Programme (YLDP) they are involved in. YLDP aims to shape youths to become socially responsible leaders of tomorrow. One of the programme activities saw them celebrating Chinese New Year with 83 elderly citizens at their local community centre. The volunteers hosted a special party for these elderly, many of whom live alone and may experience feelings of loneliness during special times of the year like this. The party featured Lunar New Year themed games and every guest left the party with a gift bag of food items, warm clothing accessories and handwritten notes from the students.



American Express – Spreading joy in the community during the 'Season of Giving'

American Express volunteers went above and beyond to support the local community in the lead up to the holiday season, taking part in five activities in support of several wonderful Hong Kong NGOs:

- In October 24 Amex volunteers did their bit for the fight against food waste by packing 2,000 meal boxes in the Food Angel kitchen using discarded but nutritious food items;

- In November 20 volunteers joined a day camp for 6-10 year old children from under-resourced families served by The Boys' and Girls' Club Association to help develop their self-esteem and communication skills (they even built catapults together!);

- Later that month 25 volunteers headed to the Food Angel kitchen to help sort and prepare around 550kg of vegetables to be included as part of lunchboxes for people in need;

- At the start of December AMEX volunteers gave their time at New Life Interactive Farm to prepare eco-friendly amenity kits for gifting to underprivileged elderly along with hand-written Christmas cards sending each of them warm wishes;

- AMEX ended their wonderful community service for their year with a very special yum cha gathering to celebrate Winter Solstice, bringing holiday joy to 80 elderly citizens from the HKMEA Jane Shu Tsao Neighbourhood Elderly Centre.