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Daney Chan

Can you introduce yourself, and tell us what are you doing currently?
My name is Daney Chan. I have been a volunteer leader with HandsOn Hong Kong for 3 years now, leading mainly the bingo session activity with the elderly residents of China Coast Community (CCC).

What drives you to provide volunteer service to the community?
I volunteer for a simple reason—it makes me happy.

What is the impact of your volunteer work?
The most significant and discernible impact on me is the confidence I gained through the volunteering services. At the same time, I’ve met some interesting and amazing individuals and am very fortunate to call some of those individuals my friends.

If you would need to recommend others to join HandsOn Hong Kong, what are the reasons?
The whole experience is extremely fun, rewarding and addictive. HandsOn offers opportunities for willing individuals to give back to the community, be of help/service to others even as share a little time with beneficiaries. Opportunities that may be difficult to find if you have to find them on your own. HandsOn is an excellent platform that let you tailor your very own volunteer program depending on your personal interests and schedule.

Any interesting stories or touching experiences with HandsOn Hong Kong?
It’s very rewarding to hear “bingo” that some of the elderly would yell out excitedly when they win a bingo game. We also try to spend more time talking with some of them after the bingo session. They are lonely and simply need someone to listen, and to hear them laughing as they tell stories or reminisce about their fulfilling life.

Any other suggestions you want to share with our HandsOn Hong Kong volunteers or new subscribers?
If you are new to HandsOn Hong Kong, find a volunteering activity which you enjoy, then try to go regularly so that you can build a good relationship withthe beneficiaries. You get to build a personal relationship with them, as I have with some residents of the CCC, and for me this made it so much more a meaningful experience. HandsOn has many volunteering activities to choose from. HandsOn is great also in that they recognise the efforts of the volunteers, especially the regular ones, and they show this in ways that make us, volunteers, really appreciated.

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