Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what you are doing currently?

I am currently responsible for prototypes and renovations within the interior design team of an international hospitality management company.

What drives you to serve the community?

I started volunteering soon after joining, as my company frequently reaches out to different volunteer organizations to see how we can collaborate through an exchange of time, skills and awareness. Soon after, I would carve out personal time to try the abundance of activities that HandsOn has to offer.

What do you believe is the impact of the volunteer work you've done for HandsOn?

To be honest, I have no idea how much of an impact I have! But there is one thing I am certain when participating in home visits, that is the families and individuals truly appreciate the time you spend with them.

What advice would you give someone looking to start their volunteer journey?

All you need to start volunteering is an open heart and mind. There will be situations, environments and people whom you may not be comfortable with at the beginning, though slowly you will find sparkles of enjoyment through the activities and within yourselves.

Can you share an interesting story or touching moment you have had while volunteering with HandsOn?

Once I was assigned to visit an elderly woman and her son-in-law in a low-income district. She was around 90 years old and had mobility difficulties. He was visually-impaired and had just lost his wife. Despite their unfortunate circumstances, their positivity was infectious from the moment we entered their home, as we had helped bring daily necessities which were difficult for them to move on their own. They welcomed us with open arms and had endless jokes to tell about how they complimented each other in movement and vision. I only had a pair of limbs and ears to offer in return!


Be the Change. Volunteer.