HandsOn Hong Kong is a is a legally registered charity under Section 88, and we do our work for the Hong Kong community as a free public service. This work would not be possible without the generous support of donors and friends like you. Please make a donation online today and you can support our mission to serve more NGO partners and beneficiaries this year than ever before. Visit our 'How to make a donation' page if you would like to donate by cheque or bank transfer.

We are deeply grateful for any financial contribution our supporters are able to make—large or small, it all makes a difference (tax receipts are issued on request for donations over HK$100):

Donation Amount Funded Program
HK$100 This would make it possible for our volunteers to prepare and serve a nutritious Chinese soup for an elderly person in need.
HK$1,000 This would enable us to organize materials for one board game session for residents of an elderly center to engage in with volunteers.
HK$3,000 This would allow us to organize an outing for 5 physically disabled students and volunteers to a historical or cultural attraction in Hong Kong.
HK$5,000 This would enable one month of supplies for Christmas handicraft workshops for mistreated female domestic workers living in a shelter—these crafts can be sold to support the shelter. The workshops are run by female volunteers.
HK$10,000 This would fund the tools and equipment for a soap recycling session, that would enable volunteers to recycle around 80kg of soap meaning that 160 impoverished families would receive the gift of 1 year of free soap. 
HK$25,000 Would enable a skills workshop to equip 10 students with disabilities with employable vocational skills (e.g. crafts making or cookie making), supported by volunteers.
HK$100,000 Would make it possible for volunteers to accompany 20 underprivileged children on fun-filled outings once a month, for a full year.

Thank you so much in advance for supporting our work!