2018 STUDY: Volunteering improves wellness, self-esteem and productivity 

With mental health in Hong Kong at its worst level in seven years, HandsOn and Nielsen undertook a study to examine how volunteering may have an impact on well-being. Of the 524 volunteers surveyed, 82% reported reduced feelings of depression after volunteering and 84% of working respondents felt corporate volunteering 'lifted their spirits'. While 70% of working respondents' companies organize volunteering, our audience expressed that staff awareness levels of these initiatives are often low. Michael Lee, Managing Director of Nielsen, advocated a top-down approach to promoting these programs where senior management leads by example. Download the research findings.

2017 STUDY: Appealing to emotions to trigger repeat volunteering

1,000 Hong Kong citizens aged 15 to 54 took part in this October 2017 survey, sharing their views and habits regarding giving time. 70% of respondents said they would like to volunteer but less than a third of them had actually done any volunteering in the past 12 months. Michael Lee, MD of Nielsen identified 'time' and 'wanting to see my impact on society' as the biggest barriers and opportunities for driving participation. Carving out time for employees to volunteer during working hours would help address this as would showing people how their volunteering contribution can help affect change. Download the research findings.