Liat Hoffmann

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what are you doing currently?
I was born in Israel and raised in Shanghai. I moved to Hong Kong from the UK three years ago, and at the time I was working in finance. Two years ago, I joined Power Non Stop Limited, a company that specializes in manufacturing and designing unique mobile phone charging kiosk machines.

How did you get in touch with HandsOn Hong Kong?
Two years ago, I was researching volunteering opportunities for non-Chinese speakers in Hong Kong, and HandsOn Hong Kong was one of the few groups that had this kind of opportunities.

What drives you to provide volunteer service to the community?
I am very fortunate to have the life I have but unfortunately not everyone is as fortunate as I am. So I believe it is important for me to give back. Especially as an Expat living in a foreign country, I think it is important to give back to the local community.

What is the impact of your volunteer work?
I do very little compared to amount of volunteering work that is needed in Hong Kong. However I hope that the kids that I am involved with have a chance to practice their English with a native English speaker, allowing them to gain the skills and the confidence to potentially interact with other native English speakers in the future.

Why would you recommend others to join HandsOn Hong Kong?
HandsOn Hong Kong’s staff is very passionate about what they do and I think that is carried over to the volunteers, which makes volunteering with HandsOn Hong Kong a great and positive experience.

Any interesting story or touching moment you had in your volunteer work experience with HandsOn Hong Kong?
A student I was working with was going through a hard time. We were meant to work on her homework, but for an hour and a half she spoke about what she was going through. At the end of the volunteering session she thanked me for listening to her, and that she felt better.

Any other suggestions you want to share with our HandsOn Hong Kong volunteers or new subscribers?
Try to find a volunteering session which you enjoy, and go consistently. The beneficiaries will begin to get attached to you and you to them, and it becomes a much more meaningful experience.

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