HandsOn Hong Kong are committed to keeping our volunteers, NGOs and corporate partners informed of the latest news and issues impacting the Hong Kong communityas well as ensuring they stay aware of the most pressing needs that can be addressed through volunteering. We do this through our monthly newsletters and by contributing to blog posts and news articles.



Monthly newsletters

Our main newsletter sent at the start of the month offers insight and discussion around social issues impacting Hong Kong, with most editions focused on a different topic impacting society. These pieces also feature HandsOn program highlights and other relevant industry news.

The call-to-volunteer newsletter which we send mid-month provides an easily digestible round-up of volunteer activities on our calendar in most urgent need of volunteers to support our NGO partners and their beneficiaries. Sign up here to receive our newsletters.

Blog posts and news articles

From time to time the HandsOn Hong Kong team share thought leadership on volunteerism and community engagement in the form of blog posts or news articles. We are also grateful for the interest and coverage our work receives from local media.



Past volunteer activity highlights

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