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Beam International Foundation Limited

Beam International Foundation (“Beam”, formerly known as “Operation Smile - China Medical Mission”) is a medical charity which provides free surgery for underprivileged children suffering from cleft lip and/or cleft palate in mainland China. Since 1991, Beam has repaired over 28,000 smiles through more than 190 missions at some 80 cities across the country, and developed a network of around 500 local medical volunteers. 逸傑國際慈善基金會(前身為「微笑行動中國基金」)是一所醫療慈善機構,主要為中國內地患有唇齶裂的貧困兒童提供免費手術治療。自1991年成立至今,基金會已在全國超過80個城市舉行逾190個醫療活動,幫助了28,000多名唇齶裂患兒修復笑容,同時在國內建立了一支約500人的醫護志願團隊。

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Wan Chai, Hong Kong