HandsOn Hong Kong receives requests for volunteer services that do not appear on our calendar as they may require a specific skill set or offer a different scope of work. Here you may find some additional opportunities. Please contact the organization directly should you wish to support. 


Kids4Kids (Serve-a-thon Hong Kong 2017)
Background(s) Kids4Kids is a Hong Kong based non-profit organization developed to inspire young people in Hong Kong to take action and make a positive social impact. Kids4Kids aims to develop social awareness and responsibility by providing platforms that empower kids to enact positive change in their community. To date, Kids4Kids has partnered with over 65 schools, 40 charity organizations, and has involved over 15,500 students.      
Volunteer Position Regular Volunteer
Service Nature

Sharing For a Cause (SFAC) is a city-wide student-led donation campaign, aiming to alleviate invisible poverty by collecting from those with many and donating to those without.

SFAC 2017 will collect English storybooks for children aged 3-12. Aid literacy development for communities in need. Anyone can collect - from individuals, schools, corporates, to malls, residential estates, and NGOs.


Who will benefit from the donated items?
* Kids4Kids' 30 local community center partners under the Buddy Reading Program
* Regional communities in need via Crossroads Foundation

Our Goal:
* 150 Collection Points
* Collect over 10,000 storybooks

Watch Our Video: http://kids4kids.org.hk/en/sharing-for-a-cause

Register to collect during Serve-a-thon:https://goo.gl/forms/GaASn5OnM5agOUY93



Volunteers Needed NA
Requirements As a volunteer, you will register your home, clubhouse, residential estate, school, or other suitable locations as a "collection point".

Only 4 steps to make an impact!

1. Register as a public or private collection point before April 13 (https://goo.gl/forms/GaASn5OnM5agOUY93)
2. Promote within your community - Kids4Kids will provide marketing collateral
3. Collect & pre-sort the donated items in May - Kids4Kids will provide collection boxes and packing materials
4. Call Kerry Logistics to pick up your boxes and deliver to Crossroads Foundation
Date & Time Date: 1 May- 31 May
Location Hong Kong
Deadline of Application Ongoing
Call Ms Cindy Fung at 3618 6810 for general enquiries.


Hong Kong Council of Early Education and Services (Serve-a-thon Hong Kong 2017)
Background(s) Hong Kong Council of Early Education and Services (CECES) provides informal, out-of-schools and in-schools educational programmes for the underprivileged children in Hong Kong. These include the learning of English, health and wellness, sports and environmental education.
Volunteer Position Regular Volunteer
Service Nature

1-Through the lens of a camera, volunteers are there to help illustrate the kind of volunteer services provided by CECES and to raise public awareness of the huge gap between the demand of educational support required by underprivileged families in Hong Kong and the inadequate resources and support in society.

2- To introduce the work of CECES to the public using graphics and design

3-To support the translation work of CECES and assist in publication.

Volunteers Needed 10

1- Professional photographers, videographers, video editors, Age 18 or above

2- Professional graphic designers, Age 18 or above

3- Skilled translator for English and Chinese

Date & Time

All year round activitiy (Volunteer need to attend a briefing in May, please contact Ms.Ho for details)

Location TBC
Deadline of Application Ongoing
Call Ms Ho at 9766 1878 for general enquiries.



創立於一九三三年的「香港遊樂場協會」,是香港一所歷史悠久的非政府青少年社會服務機構。透過多元化的服務,致力培育青少年在德、智、體、群、美全面而均衡的身心發展,成為香港社會的接班人。本會服務分為「中央行政及機構傳訊部」、「社會工作部」及「文化及體藝部」三大部門。服務單位遍佈港島、九龍、新界及離島各區。 同時,本會亦與內地、澳門及東南亞鄰近地區的政府及公營機構有經常性的交流和合作,以促進彼此間之專業發展。 本會一直秉持「以人為本、追求卓越」的精神,貢獻社會,造福新一代,並致力成為一所本地及國際知名的專業青少年服務機構。

義工職位 恆常義工





義工要求 義工對象年齡:   18 - 90

日期:2017年1月1日 - 2017年5月31日


地點 全香港
申請截止日期 持續招募義工

透過電話報名+852 2433-5277
透過電郵報名 cdf@hkpa.hk
透過網頁下載報名表格 http://cdf.hkpa.hk



陳校長免費補習天地 (2017香港國際義工節)


義工職位 恆常義工
義工服務內容 陳校長免費補習天地專門為本港基層學童提供免費一對一補習服務,截至2017年2月,我們已擁有超過9,467位已登記義師,10,608名學生報名,急需更多熱心人士加入義師行列。
義工要求 義務老師條件:
(1) 高中畢業或以上學歷
(2) 具備一顆公義之心,有熱誠、愛心、耐性和包容
(3) 願意一星期付出一小時的補習時間,並持續服務最少三個月



地點 全香港
申請截止日期 持續招募義工
如有任何查詢請致電陳淑汶小姐(36210925), 或電郵至pa.hkcnc@gmail.com



The Rock Foundation 

The work of The Rock Foundation was inspired by the late Father Henri Nouwen, Jean Vanier and L'Arche communities that value each human being, live life in mutuality and spirituality with people with and without special needs.

Currently, The Rock Foundation is a friend of L'Arche, and it is the hope that eventually, we would become L'Arche in Hong Kong.

Hazel's initial ‘experiment’ was met with success, as Sunny, an autistic young man, was given training and coaching in her home and placed in employment of his desire and dream in October 2009.

In view of this success, Hazel wanted to provide her service to more young people and families. As a consequence, The Rock Foundation Limited was incorporated in September 2009 as a company limited by guarantee and the centre in Sheung Wan was opened in November 2009. The Rock Foundation is also a recognized charitable organization.

Volunteer Position Regular Volunteer
Service Nature Our centre holds "We All", a drama/musical performance every year in a special education school,Jockey Club Sarah Roe School for our centre core members and the students of Sarah Roe school. "We All" aim to give a stage for the special needs to show their talents and learn more about Performing Arts which is good for their developments. Hence, we need some volunteers help them in the production, for example, remind them about scripts, encourage them to perform.
Volunteers Needed 2

Language: Cantonese 

Age: 18-40

Date & Time


A: 24/4, 8/5, 15/5, 22/5, 29/5, 5/6, 12/6,19/6 (at least commit last four sessions)
B: 29/5, 5/6, 12/6,19/6 (at least commit last four sessions)

15:00-16:30(19/6 15:00-19:30)


Location Jockey Club Sarah Roe-2B Tin Kwong Road, Homantin, HK
Deadline of Application 1st April, 2017
If interested in learning more, please email/ call Ms. Lam at lamlam@therf.org or 3955 2260.


Hong Kong Council of Early Education and Services
Background(s) Hong Kong Council of Early Education and Services (CECES) provides informal, out-of-schools and in-schools educational programmes for the underprivileged children in Hong Kong. These include the learning of English, health and wellness, sports and environmental education.
Volunteer Position Music Volunteer Teacher
Service Nature
This  May 1 event will be the first time we present Merry-Go-Ceces at DPark in Tsuen Wan.  This is a travelling learning centre.  We will present different corners for informal learning for the whole families.  The event is free of charge.  There will be the following learning areas: 
CECES Touch Ball
CECES Thera Bands
CECES MADD for English
CECES Telling Tales
CECES Musical Fun
CECES Exactly Maths
CECES Whacky Science
CECES DIY Art and Craft 
And school performances
We start setting up
At 10.00am 
The opening ceremony begins at 11.30am and the event runs till 7.00pm.   Our volunteers may stay the whole day or half the day.  We will provide an allowance for lunch and travelling.  
The event promises to be fun and enjoyable.  
There will be one meeting two weeks before the event to familiarise everyone about duties and responsibilities.  Once you sign up, we will allocate jobs.  We will try to match these jobs to your interests.
Volunteers Needed 20
Volunteers applying for these jobs should have an intense interest but do not have to be experts in the following areas:  teaching, children, singing, dance, drums.   These elements are integrated in our English Music course
You must attend a briefing session apart from the volunteering hours of service.  The minimum hours of volunteering services are 3 hours.   You can work up to as many as 50 hours on a long-term basis.   You will be presented with a certificate with the number of hours you have attended stated on it.    
You will be assisting in teaching Music in English to children aged 5 - 10 years of age.   
Date & Time
Briefing sessions:
Saturday OR Sunday, at 2.30 - 4.30pm
at 213, Wing Lok Street 13/F C  Sheung Wan
Get off the MTR station at Exit A2.  You will be on Wing Lok Street.  Walk toward the west until you come to 213.   Do not veer off the Wing Lok Street. 
Volunteering sessions
Apr 15, 16 (to be advised)
If you cannot attend volunteer sessions, please contact Anny or Sansan for briefing.
Location Sheung Wan
Deadline of Application Ongoing
Whatsapp Anny AuYeung at 9488 18 07 for general enquiries.
Call Sansan Ching at 9730 4475 for directions to get here.


Crossroads Foundation
Background(s) Crossroads Foundation is a Hong Kong based non-profit organisation. Our goal is to connect people in a broken world, bringing together those in need and those who can help. Through our Global Distribution division, we are donated high quality goods by business and private donors. We distribute these to people in need and to other NGOs, in Hong Kong and around the world.
Volunteer Position A---Goods Collection (Pickups Team)
B---Global Distribution Department (where most needed)
C---Processing – where most needed
D---HK Distribution Client Care
Service Nature Main Duties include:
A---We receive all kinds of donations from retailers, offices, schools and households. Our pickups team helps to collect these from locations around Hong Kong. This is a great hands-on way to be involved with our work. We need people who can represent Crossroads to our goods donors, and ensure that the donated items arrive in good condition.
B---Perhaps you like variety and would be happy to help in different areas of our Global Distribution department? We need people who can be flexible and assist where most needed. This may include restocking furniture for selection by local clients, assisting with storage and preparation of good for shipments, and joining our pickups team to receive items from donors.
C---We need people who are flexible and available to help in any processing department as needed. This may involve sorting stock, carefully packing goods, helping with data entry and even managing groups of volunteers.
D---We need extra hands – and people with a big heart – to welcome local clients and assist them with selecting items that meet their needs. This role may also involve inventory data entry and ensuring stock is stored tidily.
Volunteers Needed A---4
Requirements A---Involves heavy lifting at times.
D---Cantonese speakers particularly needed for this role
Date & Time A---Minimum commitment: 1 day per week, 3 month period.
B---No minimum commitment period.
C---Minimum commitment: 1 day per week.
D---Minimum commitment: 2 days per week, 6 month period
Location Crossroads Village, 2 Castle Peak Road, Gold Coast, Tuen Mun, Hong Kong
Deadline of Application Ongoing need
If interested in learning more, please email/ call Ms. Lilian Warui at volunteer@crossroads.org.hk or 2984 9309.


Lizzie Bee Foundation
Background(s) At LBF we run arts projects, using creativity to bring together and empower the disadvantaged in our community, improving their well-being and enhancing their lives.
Volunteer Position Office and Admin Support
Service Nature Help with admin support in the LBF office. Main role is to liaise with Cantonese and Mandarin speaking partners via email to source and order supplies for our arts projects.
Volunteers Needed 1-2
Requirements Mandarin and Cantonese Speaker and Writer
Date & Time 1 or 2 times per week. Maximum 4 hours per session. Wednesdays and/ or Fridays preferred
Location Sheung Wan
Deadline of Application n/a
If interested in learning more, please email/ call Liz Avern-Briers, Director at liz@lizziebee.org or 9379-0873


Animals Asia Foundation
Background(s) Animals Asia is devoted to ending the barbaric practice of bear bile farming and improving the welfare of animals in China and Vietnam. We promote compassion and respect for all animals and work to bring about long-term change. From government officials to locals on the ground, we work with all stakeholders to sustainable and effective change. We are dedicated to ending cruelty for all animals in Asia.
Volunteer Position Translator – English to Traditional Chinese (written only)
Service Nature Main Duties include:
(1) Assisting the fundraising programmes coordinator with translation of materials into traditional Chinese.
(2) Supporting the marketing assistant on translation of all web copy.
(3) Ad-hoc translation requirements.
The Chinese translations need to reflect the meaning of the English drafts so we are looking for individuals with a good command of both Chinese and English. Translators will usually be given 48hrs to complete translations when they are 1 to 2 A4 pages and 4 to 5 days if longer. Occasionally we need translations done for the next day, however, this is only if the translator accepts.
Volunteers Needed 2 - 3
Requirements Bilingual English & Chinese Translation experience is not a must
Date & Time Regular commitment from once to three times a week. Flexible Hours based on translation need
Location Remote - from home
Deadline of Application Ongoing
Interested person, please email your CV with a short paragraph on the topic of "why your would be suited to the position" to Manon Oliver at moliver@animalsasia.org


Background(s) PathFinders is a registered charity that helps migrant workers (including those who have overstayed their visas) who have become pregnant or have given birth to children in Hong Kong.
Volunteer Position

A---Community Outreach Ambassador

B---Supplies Coordinator

Service Nature

A---PathFinders’ Community Outreach programme aims to inform migrant workers about family planning, maternity rights, employment rights, PathFinders’ services, and other resources and support available to them.

Community Outreach Ambassador will lead PathFinders’ outreach events to engage with the community, including employers, students and the wider public by hosting booths at schools and partner organizations, running seminars, and distributing information on Sundays in public spaces.

Organize outdoor outreach events in public space on Sundays;

Lead volunteers team in distributing information and reach out to migrant workers community.


B--- Responsibilities:

  1. Manage collection day
  2. Coordinate supplies collection
  3. Categorizing supplies
  4. Organize supplies storage
  5. Assisting the mothers with their children on collection day

PathFinders organize a Clothes Collection Day once a month for our beneficiaries to collect some much needed items. We need volunteers to help with sorting and distributing supplies and to assist the women with their children on this day.

Supplies Collection Day:

10am – Prepare supplies and organize into categories;

11am-1pm (Morning session) – Manage check in and check out procedure; ensure that the necessary forms are completed. Look after kids while their mothers are collecting supplies.

1pm-2pm: Lunch break.

2pm-4pm (Afternoon session) –  Manage check in and check out procedure; ensure that the necessary forms are completed. Look after kids while their mothers are collecting supplies.

4pm - Closing the day by packing up and organising any leftover items.

Volunteers Needed

A--- 2

B--- 2


A--- Willingness to work on weekends;

       Flexibility to travel to public space throughout Hong Kong

       At least 3 months’ commitment

       Age 18 years old or above

B--- Willing to get involved with labour work, i.e. lifting & shifting of goods

       At least 3 months’ commitment

       Age 18 years old or above

Date & Time

A--- Every Sunday, 11am-4pm

B--- Every Friday, 10am-4pm


A--- Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, New Territories

B--- PathFinders’ Office Unit 2D Worldwide Centre, 123 Tung Chau Street, Tai Kok Tsui, Kowloon. 

Deadline of Application Open application timeline

If interested in learning more about Community Outreach Ambassador, please email/ call Gellin Byatt at gellin.byatt@pathfinders.org.hk or 6147 1082.

If interested in learning more about Supplies Coordinator, please email/ call Rebecca Pu at rebecca@pathfinders.org.hk or 6055 9931.