HandsOn Hong Kong
Secretary, Board of Directors

Mission and Vision

HandsOn Hong Kong (HOHK) is a registered charity whose mission is to empower everyone in Hong Kong to volunteer. We envision a Hong Kong where our community serves together to address social needs.

About HandsOn Hong Kong

HOHK is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our city’s social sector through mobilizing volunteer services. Founded in 2007, we develop service programs in partnership with local, under-served non-profit organizations and connect them with the volunteer manpower they need to achieve their mission. Each month, HOHK runs up to 200 volunteer activities as a free public service, supporting our 100+ NGO partners who focus on causes such as alleviating poverty, educating children, assisting the elderly, empowering people with disabilities, feeding the poor, helping the homeless, supporting animal welfare, environmental conservation and more. For more information, visit our website at www.handsonhongkong.org.


The Board supports the work of HOHK and provides mission-based leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are led by the Executive Director (ED), appropriate involvement of the board is essential to the sustainability and advancement of the organization and our mission.

Responsibilities of all board members include:

  • Attend all board meetings and strive to attend organization-led events
  • Understand and articulate the mission, vision and strategy of the organization
  • Participate in a minimum of two volunteer activities each year
  • Act as an ambassador for the organization and represent HOHK in the community (e.g. speaking engagements)
  • Actively seek opportunities for strategic partnerships that will benefit the organization
  • Promote HOHK to potential funders including, corporations, foundations, member organizations and donors
  • Prioritize HOHK as your top philanthropic focus reflected in an annual financial gift of HK$50,000 that may be donated or secured as a separate financial donation, sponsorship or grant.

Board Review

Each HOHK board member’s performance and contribution is reviewed on an annual basis. Criteria for reviews is based on KPIs around core competencies set and agreed at the start of their term.

Board Terms

HOHK’s board members serve a two-year term after which they are eligible for re-appointment or may step down. Board meetings will be held six times per year. Additional meetings and calls with the board and ED may be organized as needed. Service on HOHK’s board of directors is without remuneration, except for previously agreed upon reimbursement of costs in relation to board members’ duties.

Responsibilities for Secretary role on board

  • Maintains accurate records of the board and ensures compliance with legal requirements
  • Sets the meeting schedule for the year and provides advance notice and materials to members
  • Manages minutes of board meetings and distributes shortly after each meeting
  • Assures all legal documents (e.g. articles, by-laws, board roster) are filed and accessible to members
  • Keeps record of board attendance and ensures there is a quorum at meetings
  • Records all motions, votes and decisions at meetings and references as needed
  • In the absence of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson, chairs board meetings


1.Annual meeting calendar set and reminders, agenda and reading materials provided in advance of each meeting
2.Board meeting minutes and actions distributed to members shortly after each meeting
3.Active support provided for legal filings

Cover letter and CV may be sent to bonnie@handsonhongkong.org.