HELP for Domestic Workers

IRD file Number 91/15

Volunteer role

Translator / Project Assistant

Skill(s) required


Translation, basic tech knowledge and understanding of HTML


Description of work

Translate text from English to Traditional Chinese (Cantonese) in various forms:
PDF, word document, HTML

Length of service / commitment required

3 months

Amount of time required per month

8-10 hours

Location of volunteer work

May work remotely / from home


NGO office location

Ground Floor, St John's Cathedral
4-8 Garden Road
Central, Hong Kong

NGO mission and description of organization’s work

To empower domestic workers through advice, assistance, education and support and to help them gain access to justice and receive fair and equal treatment.


Impact of skills-based volunteer support on NGO and mission

Through your work as a volunteer, you will help expand the reach of HELP's FirstHand Program, an experiential learning program delivered to primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong which aims to encourage school-aged children to be agents of change, helping form a positive perspective on domestic workers from an early age.

Language requirement English and Cantonese
Key contact person for service

Project Coordinator

Email:                                                                Tel:    2523 4020

Start date for position As soon as possible
End date for position 3 months from start date
Remarks or special requirements N/A

Possibility for future paid position



Interested candidates please submit your CV directly to the key contact named above. Any candidate screening, interview and selection process will be conducted by the NGO.