HeroesToo Foundation Limited

IRD file Number 91/10890

Volunteer role


Skill(s) required

Accounting / finance

Description of work

Help with putting our accounts in order

Length of service / commitment required

Up to 1 year

Amount of time required per month

3-5 hours

Location of volunteer work

May work remotely / from home

NGO office location

WeWork, 7/f, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

NGO mission and description of the organization's work

Eco-Education to local schools in Hong Kong.

Impact of skills-based volunteer support on NGO and mission

Help us with keeping very simple accounts so we have transparency and also update some simple P&L accounts
from this past year.

Language requirement English
Key contact person for service



Phone: 9640 6655

Start date for position Immediate
End date for position TBC
Remarks or special requirements An individual with a keen interest in wanting our environment to become better is ideal. There would be an initial meeting to go through our accounts but after that, it is nice but not necessary to meet face to face. However, there is an opportunity to grow into the role of being more involved with us and providing financial advice if the volunteer wants.

Possibility for future paid position:



Interested candidates will be invited to submit their CV directly to your organization—to the key contact named above. Please note that any candidate screening, interview and selection process will be conducted by your organization only. HandsOn Hong Kong provides the platform to NGO partners free of charge and takes no responsibility for the quality of the candidates or their work.