Po Leung Kuk Anita L. L. Chan (Centenary) School

IRD file Number  

Volunteer role

Yoga Instructor

Skill(s) required

Cantonese and yoga skills

Description of work

Host yoga workshops to train the students with intellectual disabilities.   

Length of service / commitment required

Minimum 3 months

Amount of time required per month

4 hours per month (One hour per session)

Location of volunteer work

Must work in office/on location

NGO office location

15, Chi Kiang Street, To Kwa Wan, Kowloon

NGO mission and description of organization’s work

The school is a special school of the Po Leung Kuk, providing equal education services for moderately mentally handicapped children aged 6 to 18. The school focuses on education, daily life knowledge, skills training, physical exercise, group getting along and cultivating good character to achieve "self-care", "autonomy" and "self-reliance". With all these three abilities, the school ultimately helps these students to integrate into society.

Impact of skills-based volunteer support on NGO and mission 10 students will be trained in yoga workshops for their well-being. 
Language requirement Cantonese required
Key contact person for service

Ms. Ng



Start date for position Anytime
End date for position 3 months after the start date
Remarks or special requirements N/A

Possibility for future paid position:



Interested candidates please submit your CV directly to the key contact named above. Any candidate screening, interview and selection process will be conducted by the NGO.