Working together for a better Hong Kong
Working together for a better Hong Kong

Welcome to our new website! This upgraded platform will help us better serve our nonprofit partners, volunteers, volunteer leaders and community-minded corporate partners with enhanced features for searching and tracking volunteer activities. After 10 years in Hong Kong, our mission remains to mobilize and empower the community to meet pressing social needs in Hong Kong through volunteer services. In 2016 alone, we organized 1,600+ volunteer activities, having an impact on more than 28,000 beneficiaries, most of whom were children and youth, the elderly, ethnic minorities, homeless people, refugees and people with disabilities. We look forward to continuing to serve the community together and are excited to see how this new site will enhance your experience with HandsOn Hong Kong.

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Latest News

  • Did you know that 1 in 3 people in Hong Kong over the age of 65 live in poverty? Which makes volunteer initiatives like this one all the more important—at the end of last year 37 volunteers from Manulife visited 34 impoverished elderly citizens who live alone. They brought soup, made sure they basic needs were being met and spent quality time with them.

  • A really interesting report on the global corporate volunteering scene—48 major corporations share how they manage their manage, organize and innovate their corporate community engagement programs. Lots of inspiring case studies—did you know National Australia Bank (NAB) allows employees who volunteer on weekends to take 2 days annual leave during working hours? Inspiring stuff...

  • 63 volunteers from Bloomberg recently spent a day supporting the fantastic charity Soap Cycling. They recycled a massive 480 kgs of soap from the hospitality industry during the activity, which means that 960 children from poor and distaster-affected areas of Southeast Asia have soap--and better health--for one year.

  • An alarming report from Oxfam on the world's widening wealth gap was released at Davos this week… Let's keep working together to do our bit for those in need, every small act of kindness matters: