Community engagement provides businesses with the opportunity to demonstrate their values, engage their employees and contribute towards a more inclusive society and sustainable future. Many companies today report that community involvement contributes to key business goals, including improved reputation and the attraction and retention of top employees. In 2018, HandsOn Hong Kong commissioned research firm Nielsen to conduct a study on the impact of corporate volunteering on productivity and the well being of their teams: 94% of respondents showed greater appreciation for their employer, 86% felt it helped bind teams together and 80% said it boosted their sense of belonging to the company. Why corporate community engagement? Because it makes good business sense.


HandsOn Hong Kong helps corporate partners achieve their community engagement objectives by developing meaningful volunteer opportunities for employees. From customized one-off activities for larger groups to ongoing programs with longer-term impact, each service program is designed to align with CSR and employee engagement needs. Our experienced team will conceptualize, plan and execute your program, connect with our more than 100 NGO partners, promote your activity on social media and provide a thorough debriefing with impact measurement. See examples of recent corporate volunteer programs here

Fees paid by companies for this customized service cover not only the costs of the program but also support our year-round calendar—which provides up to 200 volunteer activities each month as a free public service.








When working with our corporate partners, the HandsOn team follows the 'Seven Practices of Effective Employee Volunteer Programs' established by Points of Light, the world's largest volunteer network, of which HandsOn Hong Kong is a proud member.

1. Identify your employee, social and business goals for volunteering.
2. Harness employee passion and skills, and adopt the right incentives, programs and policies to create a culture of service.
3. Secure buy-in and empower leaders at all levels of your organization.
4. Cultivate strategic, high impact partnerships with government, private and NGO partners.
5. Inspire enthusiasm, support and stewardship for volunteering to drive employee engagement.
6. Evaluate business and social impact.
7. Recognize and celebrate success, and continually improve your program.


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