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NGO Partnership Policy

HandsOn Hong Kong (HOHK) provides our non-profit partners that serve the local community with capacity-building and program support through volunteer services. We help to develop programs, promote activities, recruit and manage volunteers and guide our partners to ensure each program meets their objectives and the needs of those they serve. HOHK proudly provides our services and expertise to charity partners for free. In return, and as a valued HOHK partner, we ask that you review and adhere to our Non-Profit Partner Policy as a condition of our collaboration.

HOHK commits to:

1. Work collaboratively with our non-profit partners to develop and provide guidance and consultancy on service programs featured on the HOHK calendar.

2. Upload non-profit partner service programs to the HOHK public service calendar in line with the partner’s activity description provided, the need they are addressing and their volunteer requirements.

3. Ensure open and responsive communication between our non-profit partners and the HOHK programming team. 

4. Drive all aspects of the volunteer management process including recruitment and the distribution of all program reminders, relevant materials and follow-up communications.

5. Train and recruit Volunteer Leaders, as needed, to support the on-site management of service programs and communication between non-profit staff and volunteers.

6. Share the names and contact details of confirmed volunteers with our non-profit partners, 24-hours before their service activity.

7. Require volunteers to review and confirm acceptance of the HOHK Volunteer Policy and Code of Conduct, as well as any additional requirements such as the COVID-19 Safety Requirements, developed to ensure the safety and well-being of all program participants.

8. Champion the work of our non-profit partners and their service programs through HOHK communication channels such as our website, social media, eDMs and annual report. 

9. Keep the needs and work of our non-profit partners in mind when other opportunities arise, such as collaboration on a corporate program, financial donations, donation of useful items, opportunities to apply for joint-funding for a grant program, and more.

Non-profit partners commit to:

1. Assign a member of their team to be responsive to all questions, clarifications or HOHK processes in relation to their programs—this includes programs that appear on the HOHK calendar, corporate programs, joint programs supported by a grant, skills-based volunteer needs and more.

2. Upload their service program details to the HOHK ‘Non-profit Portal’ at least three weeks before the proposed activity date. This ensures time for our team to review, confirm, set LIVE on our service calendar and promote if needed to recruit volunteers.

3. Manage volunteers as it relates to their service program:

  • Non-profit staff managing calendar programs on-site are able to provide a service briefing, acknowledge the role of volunteers, remain present to supervise and debrief volunteers and always be respectful when communicating with them. HOHK Volunteer Leaders perform aspects of this role for some calendar programs. 
  • Non-profit staff are fully responsible for the management of skills-based volunteers and responding to them within HOHK’s set time-frames.

4. Provide volunteer impact and program attendance details to HOHK: 

  • Non-profit staff shall report on calendar program volunteer attendance and outputs within 48 hours of each activity (outputs refer to number of people served or other agreed upon measures to evaluate impact). For some programs, Volunteer Leaders will complete this step. 
  • Non-profit staff are responsible for reporting on the project status and service hours of skills-based volunteers, as well as completing our post-project survey.

5. Provide a safe and accessible space for volunteers to participate in service programs, in-line with our COVID-19 Safety Requirements and any other precautions they should be aware of.

6. Inform the HOHK team promptly of any unforeseen service program changes that impact our volunteers.

7. Acknowledge their partnership with HOHK and the role our team plays in supporting their organization’s work and service programs at no cost—through channels such as social media, website, eDMs and annual reports.

8. Commit to participating in HOHK’s annual survey and any other feedback measures which our team undertakes to better understand your capacity-building needs and how effectively we are addressing them. 

9. Review and consider other HOHK collaboration opportunities in a spirit of partnership and enthusiasm—including our annual community service week, Serve-a-thon.

10. Support HOHK efforts to promote your service programs by allowing our team to take photos (in-line with your approval guidelines) and providing a testimonial from a member of your team and a service user once a year, upon request.


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