Throughout the Covid-19 crisis we have seen the mental health and emotional wellbeing of the city's elderly at huge risk. More than 152,000 elderly in Hong Kong live alone, many of them waiting years for a spot in a government-subsidized care home. Each of these individuals has now lived much of the last few years in isolation and fear.

To help support the well-being of these vulnerable elderly, HandsOn launched GENERATION CONNECT last year, in partnership with The Hong Kong Club Foundation. Through this 5-month support program, Hong Kong families helped bring friendship, kindness and compassion into the life of an elderly person.

We now seek Cantonese-speaking families to join our next GENERATION CONNECT cohort this coming August! This was a change-making experience for the 60 elderly people and families who took part last year.


If you are ready to sign your family up for the program, then you can commit now to supporting an elderly person living in Kowloon (for Cantonese-speaking families).




Yeung por por (婆婆): "The little girl, Josephine, is so sweet and her mother is very polite. I was so happy to meet them ... I was very surprised and touched that they sent the mooncakes to me by delivery as a gift for the Mid-Autumn Festival... I really love the handicrafts made by Josephine which are my treasures!"

Sau Ha Kwong, volunteer mother: “Not only we are helping Por Por, but also we are learning and getting so much from her. We are grateful to have the chance to know her and adopt her as our family. After this program, we will continue the valuable relationship.”



Who can take part?

• Cantonese-speaking family volunteers—at least 1 child + 1 adult. More family members are welcome!

• This program is intended for child volunteers aged 5-12 to help instill compassion, purpose, and kindness.

• The HandsOn team will facilitate a support program of phone calls, virtual gift-making workshops, visits, and outings.



Support this meaningful program by signing up to join our information session or signing up directly to the program, ready to make a difference in someone's life. Thank you for your being such caring and "HandsOn" members of the community!