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When you make a donation to HandsOn Hong Kong, you are helping an ecosystem of over 100 Hong Kong charities—and each of the vulnerable communities they serve. Our team empowers volunteers to support a range of social needs and critical causes every day of the year.

2022 total income: HK$9,587,434

How do we raise the money we need?

Last year 31% of our income came from donations and 30% came from running programs to help companies create community impact. The rest of our income came from a combination of grants (19%), fundraising (17%) and the HKSAR Government 2022 Employment Support (3%).

2022 total expenditure: HK$9,157,308

How do we spend the funds we raise?

Last year we spent 77.7% of our funds on HandsOn programs; 12.4% on volunteer engagement, communications and fundraising; and 9.9% on administration. Our full income and expenditure account for 2022 can be downloaded here.