Giving time to support those in need is surely a benefit to the community. What many don’t realize is that volunteering also provides positive impact to the volunteers themselves.

What drives HandsOn volunteers to serve?

Our annual survey of active volunteers shows the following factors motivating them to serve the community:
  • the positive impact that volunteering has on their lives
  • happiness and satisfaction when volunteering
  • wanting to make a difference in the life of someone in need
  • a strong sense of purpose when volunteering
  • gaining new practical skills
  • learning about social issues in Hong Kong
  • building a larger social network





“I feel that the impact on my own life has been as big as, if not bigger than, the impact on the well-being of the people we serve... “

HandsOn Volunteer Leader


Benefits to mental health and well-being

Hong Kong’s fast-paced life can be stressful. Many people experience anxiety due in part to long hours and heavy workloads. In 2018, HandsOn partnered with consumer research firm Nielsen to understand the impact of volunteering on mental health—for both the individual and teams. The study clearly showed that volunteering provides immense positive benefits on a personal level and in the work place.


84% felt volunteering reduced loneliness

83% experienced improved mental health and well- being

82% felt volunteering led to less depression

82% felt empowered by volunteering

74% experienced improved self-esteem



94% appreciated when their company provided opportunities to volunteer

86% felt that corporate voluntary activities help to bind teams together

84% felt that corporate voluntary activities help to lift up employees' spirit

80% agreed that corporate voluntary activities help boost their sense of belonging to the company


Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers who serve 10 hours each month have the opportunity to turn their commitment into another inspiring experience with Time Auction.

Time Auction is a wonderful organization that rewards dedicated volunteers by providing a platform for them to meet inspiring mentors after completing pledged volunteer hours. Anyone who completes 10 HandsOn volunteer hours each month is eligible to "auction" these hours for the chance to meet an inspiring mentor or take part in an exclusive workshop. Sign up at