Safety requirements for volunteers in response to COVID-19

The HandsOn team remains committed to serving the needs of our community during the COVID-19 crisis, while keeping the safety of our volunteers and those they serve as an absolute priority.

Given the urgent and immediate needs of our charity partners and the vulnerable groups they support, we have not cancelled all programs on our service calendar, although they are greatly reduced.

We are working with closely our charity partners to ensure that their staff and our volunteers adopt safety precautions in-line with Hong Kong's Centre for Health Protection guidelines:

  • All volunteers and non-profit staff should maintain an appropriate social distance with each other of six feet at all times possible.
  • Volunteers should wash their hands thoroughly with soap upon entering a building or premises and at the end of a volunteer opportunity—alcohol-based hand sanitizer will be provided if soap and water are not available. Centre staff will do the same.
  • Volunteers are strongly encouraged to wear surgical masks to prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses —for most programs that require this, a mask will be provided.
  • Service programs are being planned to ensure there are no gathering of more than fifty people in public spaces—where necessary, service time will be staggered to minimise contact and ensure social distancing.
  • If programs require use of an elevator for access, the number of passengers should be reduced to one at a time where possible.
  • Do not attend a service program if you:
    • Have a fever or are experiencing any other respiratory or flu-like symptoms
    • Have been in contact with someone who could be infected
    • - Have been abroad—or had contact with someone who has been abroad—in the past 14 days.

If you must stay home for your own safety or that of the community, please see this remote volunteer opportunity making supportive phone calls to elderly isolating at home. Alternatively, volunteers with specialized skills can support the needs of charities working through COVID-19 crisis-related planning and communications—as a way to serve from home.

Many items remain on the list of our charity partners' most urgent necessity needs during the COVID-19 crisis. Any deliveries of masks, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, bleach, rice or canned food can be left on a charity’s doorstep if a phone call is made in advance.

As always, we are inspired by the dedication and resilience of our volunteers at a time when Hong Kong’s most vulnerable are suffering and in need of support. Thank you.