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Health and safety requirements for volunteers

The HandsOn team remains committed to serving the needs of our community during the COVID-19 crisis while keeping the health and safety of our volunteers, and those they serve, as an absolute priority. The following outlines important requirements for all volunteers to adhere to, for the well-being of all involved:

Please DO NOT attend a service program if you:

  • Have a fever or are experiencing any other respiratory or flu-like symptoms
  • Have been in contact with someone who could be infected or deemed by the Center for Health Protection as a close contact of someone at risk
  • Have been present at premises in the past 19 days where compulsory testing has been imposed

Be sure to cancel your sign-up. If it's very last-minute, please message or call the contact in your final reminder email so that we know not to expect you.

For ALL service programs, please be sure to:

  • Wear a mask at all times to protect yourself and others
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap upon entering the premises and at the end of a program; alcohol-based hands sanitizer will be provided if soap is not available
  • Keep six-feet distance (about two arm lengths) from others who don't live with you
  • Listen to volunteer leaders and non-profit staff. Programs are being planned to minimize contact; volunteers may be divided into smaller groups and service times staggered to maintain social distancing

Depending on the nature of programs and the degree of contact with others, HandsOn and our non-profit partners may have further requirements, including, but not limited to:

  • Show proof of vaccination indicating the completion of one dose at least 14 days before the service day
  • Provide a negative COVID-19 test report within 7 days of the service day
  • Have your temperature taken upon arrival
  • Shift the service program to run virtually, online
  • Temporarily suspend the program

Your final reminder email will indicate any additional requirements for volunteers.

Please note that HandsOn has worked closely with our non-profit partners and consulted Medicins Sans Frontieres, Hong Kong as well as the government's published guidelines to develop and continually update our health and safety requirements for volunteers. We appreciate your support in upholding them. As always, we are inspired by the dedication and resilience of our volunteers at a time when Hong Kong's most vulnerable are in greatest need of our support.

Updated January 2022