Hong Kong Shark Foundation

IRD file Number 91/13596

Volunteer role

IT volunteer for supporting database/CRM, newsletter mailchimp & website content uploading

Skill(s) required


-Administrative / general office support


-CRM & website skills


Description of work

1. Help consolidate our database for the upcoming newsletter
2. Help create the annual  newsletter using mailchimp
3. Upload website content

Length of service / commitment required

Flexible as project based (around 3 months)

Amount of time required per month

Any amount of time is most appreciated.

Location of volunteer work

Flexible (work in office / on location or may work remotely / from home)

NGO office location

Room 2405, 9 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong Island

NGO mission and description of organization’s work


Our mission is to raise awareness about shark conservation and educate people to stop eating shark fin soup and all shark products.

Impact of skills-based volunteer support on NGO and mission

We are a local, HK charity that relies almost 100% on volunteers for our outreach. The impact of the volunteers’ support is immense, most appreciated and very important to our casuse to raise awareness about
shark conservation.

Language requirement English is the primary skill needed for all roles, but having the ability to translate into Chinese (Cantonese or Mandarin) would be required for the website content uploading role. 
Key contact person for service

Executive Director

Email:                                                         Phone:          9095-6652

Start date for position Immediate
End date for position Flexible
Remarks or special requirements N/A

Possibility for future paid position



Interested candidates please submit your CV directly to the key contact named above. Any candidate screening, interview and selection process will be conducted by the NGO.